Pictish Art

Much Pictish art has survived because it was carved in stone. Here are some examples of Pictish symbols, animals and geometric shapes that can be seen on ancient stones.

Arndilly House

This stone, which has two Pictish symbols on it, forms part of the gable wall of the west wing of Arndilly House near Craigellachie, Moray. The stone is brown sandstone, roughly 2.5 ft square and had been built in to the wall of an ancient church which occupied the site previously.

The Monymusk Stone

Originally located a mile east of Monymusk House. A granite pillar 7 ft tall by 2.5 foot wide. Part relief and part incised. The stone bears an equal arm cross, a step symbol and a symbol composed of rings.

Congash stone No 1

A slab of blue gneiss roughly 3 x 2 ft. Incised with zrod and double disk above what looks like a helmet with an arrow pointing upwards through it.

Congash stone No 2

Congash is near Faebuie in Cromdale, about three miles from Grantown on Spey. 

The stone has an incised ‘Pictish Beastie’ symbol under what appears to be an arch.

Strathmartine Castle

Situated five miles northwest of Dundee. Measures three ft by 2.5 ft. Incised on one face with the Pictish beastie underneath a crescent and v-rod.

Newton Symbol Stone

The Newton Stone is over 6 ft tall. It is incised on one face with double disk, serpent and z-rod. A notch in one of the disks gives a shape similar to the mirror symbols seen on other stones.

The Picardy Stone

Granite, found in situ. Close to the town of Insch. It is six foot tall. Incised on the south face with double disk and z-rod, serpent and z-rod and a mirror.

The Tyrie Stone

The Tyrie Stone was found under  Tyrie church, 

5 miles southwest of Fraserburgh. It is of blue mica. Four foot by two foot . An incised eagle above a geometric figure with a z-rod.

The Crichie Stane

The Crichie Stane stood just south of Port Elphinstone. It is a slab of grey granite 5 ft by 3.5 ft, one face of which is incised with a Pictish Beastie and a crescent and v-rod.


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